The End of Teaching

Judy in autumn stripes blanket

This is me all bundled up in one of my favorite pieces. You can buy the pattern and the finished blanket here.

Yesterday was my last day of teaching. I’ve been a teacher (from toddlers to second graders) for 20 years and I thoroughly enjoyed most of it. I just spent two years as the director and head teacher of a non-profit preschool. Suddenly, in Vermont, a new preschool act has changed the qualifications for preschool teachers and my bachelor’s degree in elementary education is no longer sufficient. I am 51 years old and not willing to go back to college for another degree. So today I begin the journey of putting all of my energy into running my two Etsy shops. We’re off!!


11 thoughts on “The End of Teaching

  1. I was also an elementary teacher for 20 years. My district offered a buy out four years ago and I took it. It was one of the toughest decisions of my life to make. I loved teaching, but it was a good time to get out. Enjoy your new life!


    1. Thank you Ashley. For me, it is going to mean really cutting back on all the little extras and unnecessary luxuries. I have a super tight budget to maintain. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement!!

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