Big Knitting is Wicked Awesome

wool big bumpI received my first 10 pounds of merino wool roving in the mail today! It was so exciting to open it up. My son was over and I told him to look out because the package felt compressed and I was certain it would “explode” like a giant puff ball. Well, it didn’t expand at all. Instead I revealed a super dense, super tightly wound bump of gorgeous wool roving. Tomorrow I’m going to try to make the PVC pipe knitting needles. Stay tuned……….

wool big bump2


2 thoughts on “Big Knitting is Wicked Awesome

  1. You’ve just reminded me about when I used to work in a craft shop. We would get huge 50kilo bags of merino wool tops and bag it all up individually in 100g bags for needle felting. Every colour you could imagine. It used to be my favourite task as I’d get to spend my whole day buried in wool tops in the basement!!

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