Another Change of Plans

I announced in June that I was finished/laid off from teaching because of a new VT law stating that all preschool head teachers will need an Early Childhood license as of July of 2016. Since I have a BS degree in Elementary Education, I will soon no longer be qualified. My employer posted an ad for a new Director/Head Teacher 8 weeks ago and has still been unable to fill my position!! I just found out last night that the preschool needs me to come back to prevent the school from being closed down. This little non-profit, cooperative preschool has been in operation for almost 30 years and there was just no way I could let that happen. I reluctantly told my boss I would return and resume my duties until they can hire a replacement.

This new course of events  completely changes my plans for running my own home based business. I’ve been working so unbelievably hard all summer to get my little Etsy shop stocked and looking good with beautiful photos, new patterns and designs, and the chunkiest knits you ever did see!  My heart and soul were invested in this new work-from-home adventure I was about to go on. Suddenly, my mind is flooded with all of the things I need to get done before the start of school later this month. There is a classroom to arrange, lesson plans to write, name tags and folders to prepare, and a million, zillion other things to get finished. My heart is conflicted, but I know, without a doubt, that I did the right thing.  The children and their parents need this little preschool and the teachers that work there need their jobs.

Hopefully a new teacher will be found and I will be able to work towards my dream yet again.

Judy and Joe


7 thoughts on “Another Change of Plans

  1. What a position to be put in… Kudos to you for doing the right thing. The Etsy excitement is merely delayed, I can empathise as my planned opening has been delayed by illness and work getting in the way… But we’ll get there!

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    1. Oh dear chesterbunnynuts, I am sorry to hear about your delayed Etsy shop opening. I hope you are back to good health in no time so you can see your dream come to fruition!! Best of luck and thank you for your kind words.


      1. We’ll all get there in the end – I am relentlessly positive which is always a bonus at times like these! Glad to say I’m feeling a lot better and have products uploaded ready to go live this week… My thoughts with you also to get back to the place you really want to be. Can’t wait to see your shop when it is up and running!

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  2. A late comment, but, life does have a way of making decisions for us, doesn’t it. Go with the flow and your shop/business will continue when the time is right. At least you found an option for better health and will have an impact on those little people’s lives and families. That’s a good thing. How are you doing?

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    1. I do appreciate your comment and it’s never too late to share words of wisdom. The year has been going well, although stressful. I just found out the public school may be taking over the preschool so I most likely won’t have a job to return to in the Fall. As you can imagine, I have mixed feelings about this but will let fate decide my course!!! 💗

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