OMG- We’re Going to the Young Living 2016 International Grand Convention!!!

I can hardly believe it!! I mean I’ve wanted to buy our tickets to the Young Living 2016 Grand Convention for a couple of months now and I must have looked at the registration page at least 50 times until we finally just sat down and decided to take action……to make a decision and move forward. It’s often fear that stops me from moving forward. I start questioning myself- second guessing everything- major doubt starts creeping in.

As soon as Joe said he would gladly attend the conference WITH ME- it was a no-brainer. Joe is used to attending large conferences. While he was working for Synthes, he was always traveling to conferences all across the country and large crowds don’t scare him…….at all!  He’s great with directions and I’m just not. For all of these reasons, and for the fact that Joe supports me unconditionally in my essential oils business/journey/passion, it just makes sense that we attend this extravaganza together.

Young Living 2016 Convention

This will be my first one and the best part is that it’s in Salt Lake City, Utah and we are going to be driving across the entire country to get there! Yup, that means I will get to see SO many beautiful, breathtaking sights along the way and I’ll be doing it with my very best friend.  To say I’m excited would be an understatement.

I booked our hotel yesterday so we are committed to this adventure. The timing couldn’t be better either because the conference begins on June 21 and my last day of school is June 10. I believe this was meant to be. I believe that this oil journey I am on was meant to be. I believe that 2016 is going to be MY year…..I believe this with all my heart.

By the way, if you need more information on essential oils, please email me any time and I’d be happy to tell you everything I know. My email address is here. If you already know everything you need to know about essential oils and you are ready to make them a part of your life, click here.

young living premium starter kit


The Christmas Tree Hunt

 I entered a contest on Facebook and won a fresh cut Christmas tree from Handy Hill Farm in Vermont. The tree farm belongs to Shawn, a good friend of Joe’s. We drove up to Williston to find the perfect tree. The tree farm was a magical place with 96 sprawling acres of field and trees of various stages. We walked to the top of the hill and tried to take in the view. It was just before sunset and we could see Mt. Mansfield and Camel’s Hump. Perfect.  After weaving in and out of each tree lined path, we found the tree that would come home with us. Not too tall and not too short- full at the bottom, not sparse at the top- with needles that could withstand the weight of many ornaments. Perfect.  
 Joe cut down our tree and off we went with the perfect Christmas tree.  It took a week before we had enough time to decorate our tree so it just stood there waiting.  A few strands of lights and just the right amount of balls and our perfect little Christmas tree is complete.

 Happy holidays!!!