Ever wondered what the heck essential oils are??

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If you are reading this, you are probably either a member of my family, a friend, your child’s former or current teacher, you worked with me, you went to school with me, or you are a blog or a business I’ve had contact with. In some way, our
paths have crossed. I own two small online boutiques called Prop Shop + The Autumn Acorn. I also work as a distributor for Young Living.


If you’ve ever wondered what all the hype is about essential oils, I used to be the exact same way. I had no idea they were the life blood of plants, had no idea there was a company selling them for over 20 years, had no idea they could help with headaches, muscle + joint pain, weight loss, focus, teeth whitening, libido, skin care, fatigue, self-confidence, mood, SLEEP, and so much more!

I used to be super skeptical of essential oils until I saw what they did for a friend of mine. They were truly life changing. I bought a starter kit from her last year and have been hooked ever since! I can’t even begin to tell you how many ways these little oils have helped my family and I. I also never expected to want to work for this amazing company, Young Living. I remember thinking the name “Young Living” just didn’t speak to me. I’m a 51-year old woman- I’m NOT exactly young so what could a company called Young Living possibly do for me? I later found out that Young is the last name of the founders (Gary + Mary Young). Ahhhhhhhh! Anyway, as soon as I tried the oils, I knew I wanted to share my love for them with everyone I knew!!

I chose this company because they are the only company in the world with a “Seed to Seal” promise which means they control the process from the beginning growth of the plant, tree, root, etc. all the way to the bottle you receive. They own their own farms in the US and around the world and use the oils on their crops. You can even go visit their farms to see how it’s done! I’ll be visiting their Utah lavender farm in June!! Also, YL’s oils do NOT have expiration dates like all other oil companies, They are 100% pure, therapeutic oils (no fillers or chemicals added) and can be taken orally, applied topically, diffused or used aromatically.
They pretty much rock!!

the weight loss trio

In your premium starter kit you will get your choice of 1 of 4 different oil diffusers (with a warranty), 11 bottles of pure essential oils, a bunch of cool samples, product catalog, EO magazine, and the best part- 24% off ALL future purchases FOREVER!! Think of your kit purchase like a wholesale membership at Costco or BJ’s except you only pay it one time…….ever.

aria diffuser

Here is a brief rundown of the 11 oils you will receive and how they will help improve your health:

1. Thieves- immune system boosting, cleaning.
2. RC- colds, congestion.
3. Lavender- sleep, relaxing, detox, skin health (called Swiss Army Knife of oils).
4. Stress Away- relaxing + sleep and my personal favorite!!
5. Lemon- energy, cleaning + detox (I add a few drops of lemon + grapefruit to my water every day. I absolutely love it!!)
6. Purification- purifies the air, rids air of smells, sore throats, zit zapping.
7. DiGize- any stomach issues, bloating.
8. Peppermint- headaches, allergies, colds, muscle aches (I use this every single day for my neck muscle pain).
9. Panaway- pain + keeping your body mobile + young.
10. Copaiba- deodorant, wrinkles, skin care, magnifies all other oils.
11. Frankincense- AMAZING for skin and mediation and SO much more (it is insanely amazing, Google this bad boy).

So, if you would like to get started, just follow these easy directions:
1. Click on my sign up link below.
2. Be sure to check “Wholesale Member” to earn 24% off any future orders.
3. Go ahead and just say “No thanks” to step 3 about Essential Rewards. No need to worry about that right now!
4. Finish the process by choosing your diffuser style.

Click on this link to sign up: http://bit.ly/1VZCgpM


If you are still reading this, you must really like me and for that I say, thank you from my heart : ). If you are the cautious, wait-and-see type, I totally get it. If you would just like to test out an oil or two to see for yourself, that’s awesome too. I’d be happy to extend my wholesale discount to you for your first 3 orders! Email me and we can figure out which oils you would like to try first and I’ll have them shipped to you.

Remember- the sale on the premium starter kit with the $25 back from me (total of $41 saved) will end on
February 29. A $300 kit can be yours for as little as $119!

February is the month to buy your kit. Save $41.00!!!

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