Top 10 Podcasts to Help Rock Your Young Living Business

My commute is about an hour long which I look at as an opportunity to learn a whole lot. It is during this time that I listen to podcasts. Ten glorious hours a week are spent sitting in my car, eating bananas and sipping on coffee while soaking in as much as I can about the latest tips on building a strong and prosperous business. I absolutely love podcasts and I have discovered 10 that I would like to recommend to you. Please note that these podcasts are in no particular order. Please let me know what your favorites are too!

My Top Ten Podcasts to Help Jumpstart Your Young Living Business:

  1. Your Virtual Upline– hosted by Bob Heilig. Topics include personal branding, network marketing, and online marketing.
  2. The Essential Oil Revolution– hosted by Samantha Lee Wright. This podcast is “aromatherapy for your ears.” It is an unofficial Young Living essential oil’s podcast powered by Revolution Oils.
  3. The Overflow Podcast- hosted by Andy and Cristy Jenkins. It encompasses the topics of wellness, purpose, and abundance.
  4. Social Media Marketing– hosted by Michael Stelzner. Will help your business thrive with social media.
  5. Build Your Tribe– hosted by Chalene Johnson. This podcast is about internet marketing, social media, creating community, and email list building.
  6. The Chalene Show– hosted by Chalene Johnson. This show is about motivation, leadership, confidence, family, fitness, and life coaching.
  7. Diamond Factory– hosted by Jen Springer. Features interviews of many YL leaders.
  8. Smart Passive Income– hosted by Pat Flynn. All about online business, blogging, lifestyle and passive income.
  9. Social Media Social Hour– hosted by Tyler J. Anderson. This podcast is about Facebook and Instagram marketing, content marketing and social media marketing.
  10. Drops of Inspiration. This is a YL podcast.1096I’m telling you, sitting in a quiet car getting your learn on is an excellent use of your commute time. I actually look forward to my drive to work now!!