Best Thing I’ve Done For Myself

Ever since I discovered the wonder of essential oils, I’ve been hooked. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first but decided I needed to do something about the stress + anxiety I was having related to my job. As some of you may remember, I ended up returning to my job as a preschool teacher and director, even though I had officially given my notice last June. Since the preschool was unable to find a replacement for me, I reluctantly agreed to go back for another year in order for the school not to have to close down. Well, let me tell you…..this. job. is. stressful.

I knew I didn’t want to start taking prescription medications because of the side effects and other personal reasons. That’s when I sort of fell into Young Living Essential Oils. Let me tell you, they are simply ahmazing!!!  As soon as I received my starter kit, I was in love. The oil diffuser is the absolute best and my house has never smelled better! And the oils are nothing short of miraculous. I immediately started using an oil blend called Stress Away – just a few drops on the back of my neck, bottoms of my feet, and on my wrists and I feel the anxiety slowly leaving my body. I use it in the classroom every day.

peace and calming

Next, I tried Peace and Calming and ahhh, just the name itself calms my nerves. So what are Stress Away and Peace and Calming? They are oil blends created by Young Living and are wonderful for those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and/or tension and want a safe + natural way to relieve these symptoms. They help deal with problems related to the nervous system and balance of the emotions. I also use Peace + Calming in my diffuser and on my body before I go to bed to help relieve insomnia. I’ve ALWAYS struggled with insomnia. Uggh.

These oils ARE powerful and you have to remember to avoid exposure to direct sunlight for at least 3-6 hours after use since some oft hem may cause increased photosensitivity.

What’s in Peace + Calming?
Contains esters and aldehydes, which are sedating and calming to the nervous system. It is also a diuretic and a decongestant of the lymphatic system.

Brings peace and happiness to the mind and body and joy to the heart, which feelings provide emotional support to help one overcome depression.

Ylang Ylang
May help balance the male-female energies so one can move closer towards being in spiritual atonement and be able to focus their thoughts, filtering out the ever-present garbage. It brings back feelings of self-love, confidence, joy and peace.

This oil is sedating, calming and relaxing, allowing it to reduce anxiety.

Blue Tansy
May help cleanse the liver and calm the lymphatic system.


You can order Peace & Calming or Stress Away directly from Young Living. Anyone can order them, but you’ll need my sponsor/enroller ID in order to process your order. My ID # is 3240696. If you want to take advantage of wholesale prices, you can become a distributor (no obligation to sell anything, it’s like a Costco or BJ’s membership). You may sign up here.


Another Change of Plans

I announced in June that I was finished/laid off from teaching because of a new VT law stating that all preschool head teachers will need an Early Childhood license as of July of 2016. Since I have a BS degree in Elementary Education, I will soon no longer be qualified. My employer posted an ad for a new Director/Head Teacher 8 weeks ago and has still been unable to fill my position!! I just found out last night that the preschool needs me to come back to prevent the school from being closed down. This little non-profit, cooperative preschool has been in operation for almost 30 years and there was just no way I could let that happen. I reluctantly told my boss I would return and resume my duties until they can hire a replacement.

This new course of events  completely changes my plans for running my own home based business. I’ve been working so unbelievably hard all summer to get my little Etsy shop stocked and looking good with beautiful photos, new patterns and designs, and the chunkiest knits you ever did see!  My heart and soul were invested in this new work-from-home adventure I was about to go on. Suddenly, my mind is flooded with all of the things I need to get done before the start of school later this month. There is a classroom to arrange, lesson plans to write, name tags and folders to prepare, and a million, zillion other things to get finished. My heart is conflicted, but I know, without a doubt, that I did the right thing.  The children and their parents need this little preschool and the teachers that work there need their jobs.

Hopefully a new teacher will be found and I will be able to work towards my dream yet again.

Judy and Joe

These are a few of my favorite things…..

Happy Wednesday everyone! The weather today is gorgeous here in the White Mountains. A perfect 73 degree day with sun and some clouds and absolutely NO humidity. This is my very first summer in New Hampshire so I’m learning as we progress through the seasons. So far we’ve only had 2 or 3 humid days and it rarely ever lasts through the evening. It’s always 5 degrees cooler in the basin of the mountains where our cabin is which so far has been nice this summer but I’m worried about the winter months.

Anyway, I’ve collected some photos of some of my favorite things from Anthropologie and I thought I would share some of them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do : )moraccan wedding pouf anthropologie octopi chair anthropologie swing anthropologie tiebacks anthrolacquered mirror anthro. tree table anthropologie

Big Knitting is Wicked Awesome

wool big bumpI received my first 10 pounds of merino wool roving in the mail today! It was so exciting to open it up. My son was over and I told him to look out because the package felt compressed and I was certain it would “explode” like a giant puff ball. Well, it didn’t expand at all. Instead I revealed a super dense, super tightly wound bump of gorgeous wool roving. Tomorrow I’m going to try to make the PVC pipe knitting needles. Stay tuned……….

wool big bump2

Soon I Will Be Knitting With Mega Giant Giganto Wool Roving

10 pounds rovingHonestly, I just can’t wait!! I ordered 20 pounds of beautiful, thick, giant wool roving. I’ve been wanting to order a bulk amount of this stuff for years now and I knew it was time. I ordered 10 pounds from one company for $175 (including shipping) and I ordered another 10 pounds from a company I found on Ebay where I could make an offer. I offered $100 and they accepted!! There was a $19.95 shipping fee so the total was actually $119.95 but that’s not bad at all. I plan to knit a giant blanket to sell at The Autumn Acorn so stay tuned. I also plan to knit some cowls for the shop as well.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has experience knitting with giant roving and giant needles. I own a very large pair of knitting needles but they are made out of wood so they get heavy to work with. I plan to make a pair out of 1.5″ PVC pipe as soon as I can get myself to Home Depot. I’ve heard they are easier to handle.